Training For Children


Martial Arts & Beyond......

Discipline. Focus.

Respect. Determination.

We Make Leaders...


What if you could give your child the tools necessary to be a Strong, Confident Leader? How would it feel to see your son or daughter gaining Valuable Life Skills while having fun? When would now be a good time to Give Your Child the Lifelong Gift of martial arts?

What Our Students & Parents Say...

"This place is excellent and they are very patient."

"I love this place."

"My instructors and classmates are like family now."


(Age 6-8)

Our NinjaKids program is a one of a kind class that will take your child all the way to exceptional. This class focuses on learning coordination, discipline, and focus. We use exciting drills, as well as, fun and challenging exercises to give your child an excellent foundation for martial arts. As a student, your child will gain valuable life skills to carry with them outside of the dojo. NinjaKids also helps develop positive social interaction skills.

Youth (Age 9-14)

Our Youth Program teaches students to be a positive role model and leader, providing them with the tools to make good judgments, at an age when they are developing into the person they will become. In this program we teach practical martial arts that instill discipline and respect, while teaching self-defense and anti-bullying skills.