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A Message From Renshi Mark...

Welcome to our Dojo! I am truly honored and humbled at your interest in training with our school. After over 25 years in martial arts, I'm always excited to share true traditional martial arts with people, such as yourself. I'd like to personally invite you to visit us and train with us. Our classes are taught by professional instructors, with world-class lessons, and in an ego-free environment. When you contact us, whether by this form or by phone, you can expect an instructor to contact you promptly, answering any questions you may have, discussing your martial arts goals, and set up a time for you to attend your first session. Your first visit, is a no-cost, no-pressure chance for you to see what we're all about. During this visit we go over the basics of martial arts training and see if we're a good fit to help you achieve your goals. If you decide to "give it a try", then you can take advantage of our trial program, including 4 classes and a free uniform (a $30 value!), for only $19.95. This isn't just to "sell you" on training with us. It's a real chance for both you and our instructors to make sure we're a great mutual fit for each other. So...if this sounds like something you'd like to try, take action now, and come see what we're about!

-Renshi Mark

Renshi Mark Bramble