Adult Martial Arts Classes

Adult Martial Arts & Self-Defense

The adult martial arts classes at the Bansenshukai Dojo focus on practical self-defense and awareness through the practice of traditional martial arts.

Our training takes a holistic approach in order to become a complete martial artist, focusing on both your physical skill, as well as, strategies and personal development of the individual.

Usually when someone thinks of self-defense, physical confrontation comes to mind. However, in addition to physical training it is important to train internally also. By finding a sense of internal balance, discipline, and focus we are better suited to deal with physical attacks, the emotions they bring, and any adversity that comes our way. It is much more than a fighting system, but is a way of living. This is what we mean by becoming a complete martial artist.


Our martial arts classes teach you practical self-defense skills based on martial arts that have been successfully tested for hundreds of years. Our training helps to give you the peace of mind and awareness, to not settle for being a victim. We offer training in unarmed defense, ground defense and grappling, as well as, weapons defense.

We are not a competition driven school, but rather focused on martial arts as a means of practical self-defense and mental strength. It is important to take into account having a larger/stronger attacker, multiple attackers, weapons, uneven terrain and obstacles, etc. Sometimes the best defense may be to escape from the situation, only using physical defense as a last option.

We also teach the importance of mental preparation and "training the heart", having the emotional fortitude to deal with fear, as well as, having the proper judgment and morals to use your training ethically.


Jujutsu is a traditional Japanese martial art using striking and grappling techniques to defend against attacker. Numerous modern martial arts, including Aikido, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, have their roots in this ancient martial art. These modern counterparts typically focus on certain aspects of the original martial arts. For example, Aikido usually focuses on soft skills, whereas, Judo and BJJ are competition based.

Traditional Jujutsu's focus is on self-defense application, both unarmed and armed. These are the techniques used by Japan's samurai. It is an eclectic martial arts system, sometimes even containing methods of combat while wearing armor, similar in application to modern military and law enforcement.

Ninpo (Ninjutsu)

Ninpo, known by the more popular terms Ninjutsu and Ninja, is a martial arts system and much more. Ninja historically served as agents similar to modern intelligence agencies. Their skills, consisting of 36 arts ("Ninpo Sanjurokkei"), were broken down into two categories.

The first 18 arts are more typical skills found in Jujutsu and usual combat. The second set of 18 are less orthodox methods. In this way, they could defend against common attacks, while also being able to use elements of confusion and surprise.

The martial techniques are very similar to traditional Jujutsu, however, the strategy focuses on escaping danger rather than taking it head on.

Out of the 36 arts, two are the most important. First, is unarmed defense, which serves as the basis for all other martial skills. Second, is "Seishinteki Kyoyo" which is refining the spirit, to endure, have patience, and fortitude, while maintaining a pure heart.